MION develops and commercializes instruments based on our unique planar DMA (Differential Mobility Analyzer) technology which delivers the highest resolution (>100) and transmission (>50%) available in the market even for ions and particles 1 nm in diameter at affordable costs and with the possibility to be integrated in most of the commercial analytical instruments.

In MION’s DMA, sampled charged molecules or particles are simultaneously subjected to a laminar gas flow and an orthogonal electric field, such that only those with a specific mobility are transmitted through the DMA outlet.


MION’s technology is suitable to a wide range of applications and sectors like, Atmospheric/climate research, Ultra-Low concentration detection (explosives, drugs, etc), Combustion (including nucleation studies), Nucleation and growth of particles, Synthesis of nanoparticles, CPC calibration, Environmental/pollution research, Ultra-small nano-particles applications: medical imaging, drug delivery, catalysis, etc, Biomolecule analysis, Particle standards, etc

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