Our products

Our products

VPSCAN: EVD (Explosive Vapor Detector)

VPSCAN is the only EVD in the world with sensitivities at the level of 0.01 ppq (10-17 atmospheres)

This unprecedented limit of detection is the result of the optimal integration of our DMA technology with some other instruments and more than 15 years of testing

Don’t be fooled! The detection of RDX, PETN, or Heroin in a large volume like a maritime container is only possible using technology able to detect at 10-17 atm = 17 fg/m3

Developed in collaboration with the relevant international stakeholders

VPSCAN technology has received the Seal Of Excellence from the EIC Accelerator team

MION E11/E12: Ultra Low Noise Electrometer

MION E12 is a Faraday cage MION electrometer with RMS noise level of 0.15 fA

Two options are commercially available:

  • 1012 V Amplification with 100 ms full rise time
  • 1011 V Amplification with <13 ms full rise time

Contact us (mion@miontechnologies.com) for further information